Gold Mining Flotation Machine for Canada

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Gold Mining Flotation Machine for Canada

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The mining industry has grown and developed over the years and has adapted itself to changing economic conditions. One of the changes has been the transition from cell-to-cell type to open flow type flotation machines. The high open cast flow type Zenith gold mining flotation machine was developed specifically to meet modern requirements for Canada.

Flotation machine in Canada:

The gold mining flotation machine impeller is composed of a special structure of vertical blades with shaped lower edges and air spread shelf. The machine design produces powerful radial slurry pumping to the cell wall and gives strong return flows to the underside of the impeller to minimize sanding. In addition it is the only machine to give maximum slurry recirculation to the upper part of the impeller. Vertical blades eliminate slurry rotation in the tank. This feature makes the gold mining flotation machine design is distinct from other beneficiation machine. Advanced process control is available for all of our flotation machine design. We also offer consulting services and innovative solutions to flotation process control problems. Corners are eliminated, and the conical bottom or U-shape helps to feed slurry into the pumpaction of the rotor and prevent shortcircuiting.


As a professional and famous gold mining machine manufacturer around the world, Zenith has produced all kinds of machines to meet the processing needs. The gold mining flotation machine mentioned above is our equipment. High quality and the considerate service ensure that our products welcomed by the worldwide customers. Also our crusher plays important role in the reconstruction tasks after earthquake. If you are interested in our products, you can contact us. We are looking forward to cooperating with you.

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